Vital Bonds

In a transplant hospital, the clock is always running. Here, every facet of the human experience – joy, anguish, pain, and a profound appreciation for the beauty of life and the inevitability of death – are concentrated in one building and let loose to roam the halls.

With astonishing access to the most intimate moments of life and death, Vital Bonds brings viewers face-to-face with stories and characters rarely – in some cases never – before filmed. The film follows several threads, most prominently the tragic fate of Matthew, a 28-year old victim of a senseless tragedy, fighting for life surrounded by his shocked parents and family. A floor away, a newborn baby is also fading, while her young parents pray for a miracle. Fathers and grandfathers sit in agonizing limbo, hoping they will have a future with their children if the right organs turn up in time.



Writer & Director

Niobe Thompson

Excecutive producers

Rosvitha Dransfeld, Bonnie Thompson (NFB), Sue Dando (CBC)