Who Cares

Award-winning master of verite cinema Rosvita Dransfeld enters the gritty and dangerous world of street prostitution to craft a powerful film about women caught in a heartbreaking cycle of addiction, violence and prostitution. Courtney, known as the “prostitute from 107th Avenue,” struggles to stay clean; Shelly takes care of everyone but herself when she’s not on crystal meth; and Nancy, a sweet young girl, explains her bruises away as accidents. They drop into the Reno Pub to get out of the cold, shoot a game of pool and swap stories with the bartender about their lives and their dreams of getting straight. Meanwhile, in this post-Pickton era where the unthinkable is a gruesome reality, out on the streets women voluntarily provide DNA samples to an RCMP task force investigating the unsolved murders of women so their next of kin can be notified if the worst should happen.



Writer & Director

Rosvita Dransfeld


Bonnie Thompson

Excecutive Producer

David Christensen