Queens of Dogsville

Showdown in the world of dog sports: What does it take for the Canadian underdog to defeat Putin’s socialist canine apparatus? Queens of Dogsville

Entertaining and irreverent, Queens of Dogsville is a feature documentary set in the highly competitive, male-dominated world of dog sports. Similar in tone to the acclaimed feature film Best In Show the narrative mixes the funny/satirical with the dramatical. The stakes are high; personalities collide while passion and obsessions run deep.

Only in Canada are the women dominating the sport, with matriarch Seanna O’Neill – her three dog-crazy daughters and their ‘super dogs’ - leading the pack. But it can be lonely at the top, and frustrating on the international level. Many European male dog handlers don’t take the Canadians seriously. The worst are the Russians. Their National Dog Sport team is sponsored (and controlled) by their government. They come in a fancy bus with their specifically bred agility dogs. Russian dogs are fast, fearless and very driven. In comparison, Canadian dogs are considered to be too soft and mellow - nice, friendly pooches, but not dog sports material. Hence the Russians always win. However, this time around, the O’Neills are determined to set the record straight and beat them.

Queens of Dogsville pushes the battle of the sexes to another level. What does it take for the O’Neills to defeat Putin’s socialist canine apparatus? A showdown looms between the Russian juggernaut and the scrappy Canadian underdog. Along the way the feature documentary explores our newly formed relationship with ‘our best friend’. For many dog handlers, dog agility is the ultimate experience of being one with nature.