Dogsville is a tale of love and passion, a Shakespearean drama set in the world of dog sports. The unsung hero is a fiery ball of energy called Crocodile Crunch. The mutt, found abandoned at a horse auction, lacks the lines of pedigree treasured by her rivals. Nonetheless she has risen to the top in the agility world. Along her teammates, Radical Rabbit and Posh Piranha, she competes against the best purebred dogs in the world at the Agility World Championship in the Netherlands. And while the dogs are innocent and just want to run, the same cannot be said about their humans. They have come here to win and will do anything to do so. Alliances are formed and just as routinely betrayed. Rising above the backstabbing, snitching, complaining and treachery, Crocodile Crunch is determined to prove that talent and heart can defeat bloodlines and privilege.



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