The Call of the Yukon

This three-part diverse languages series portrays German-speaking Yukoners and their interesting live styles in the North-West of Canada.
 In “Above the Clouds, we observe Gerd, the former mechanic from Southern Germany, on his adventurous tours as a bush pilot.
 In “The Dog Lover”, the howl of 130 sled dogs mixes with Manuela’s soft-spoken voice. For six years now she’s training husky puppies in the Yukon to become perfect sled dogs.
 In “Life at the River”, dogs greet us as well at the Perren’s house. Here, far off the grit, without running water and electricity, live Carmen and Robert Perren with their three children, two cats, a donkey and four dogs.
Gerd, Manuela, and the Perren family have found their home in the Yukon, and they love it here.
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